Fishing Calendar

In the spring our famous Crappie run starts, the crappie come into shallow water to spawn. Fishermen will enjoy catching SLAB CRAPPIE in 3 to 10 feet of water, close to brush piles, stumps, and tree tops, fishing with minnows. The largest crappie caught here weighed 4 pounds and 2 ounces.

These months are superb for Large-mouth Bass fishing. The bass are in coves and around bushes and are caught by the fly-rod fisherman and bait casters using large bass bugs, surface lures, and spinner baits.

The Stripes (White Bass) begin to school and are caught by trolling and casting spoons and spinners. Our famed night fishing is at its peak. Large strings of White Bass and Crappie are caught by using lanterns and fishing with minnows for bait. King Size Catfish are also caught as they school up and feed on the shad minnows that are attracted by the lanterns. Large mouth Bass move out into deeper water along the main shoreline, surface and underwater lures are used to snag these.

The Crappie and Bass fishing reach their peak once again. The Crappie move back into shallow water and may be taken with minnows. The Bass are feeding on the shad minnows and surface and underwater lures are used by fishing the points, gravel bars, and stump beds.

Most fishermen have a tendency to hang up their poles and forget fishing till spring. Even in these cold months we will still have a lot of good fishing and pretty days left. Crappie hit all year long and they are in deeper water just as in summer months.