Guide Services

David Barber
(731) 584-0450
The best time to reach David is to get in touch with him after his daytime work as a fish biologist. He works for the state fish and wildlife agency and has many days off to devote to fishing. He even lives on the lake.

Jimmy “The Preacher” Brown
(731) 536-0443 or (731) 536-5596
Jimmy fishes during the week and preaches on Sunday. The best time to call is about any time. Jimmy probably has a recorder. Jimmy is a great fisherman and lives about 1 hour from the lake.

(NOTE: All the guides work independently and quote their own rates with regards to number of people, number of hours, any guarantees of fish, rain dates, etc. They all furnish their own boat. As far as what else they furnish is between you and the guide. All are dedicated, clean cut and professional avid outdoorsmen and will extend to you the utmost courtesy in a true southern hospitality manner).